Founded on St George's Day, 23rd April 2008
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The Royal Society of St George, founded in 1894, is a patriotic society and is honoured to have as its Patron Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The Society is non-sectarian and independent of party politics.

The Aim of Northumbria Branch is to provide a presence for the Society in the northeast of England.

Founding Northumbria Branch - 1st meeting 28 Jul 07 - (left-right) Richard Turner, Tony Worton, Ursula Jobson, Kevin Jobson, Pauline Morris, Alex Nelson proudly holding the English Flag - the Flag of St George The Patron Saint of England (45Kb)
The Aims & Objectives of the Society and Northumbria Branch are:
  • To foster the love of England and to strengthen England and the Commonwealth by spreading the knowledge of English history, traditions and ideals.
  • To keep fresh the memory of those in all walks of life, who have served England or the Commonwealth in the past, to inspire leadership in the future.
  • To combat all activities to undermine the strength of England or the Commonwealth.
  • To further English interest everywhere to ensure that St. George's Day is properly celebrated and to provide focal points all the world over where English men and women may gather together.
Central Arcade, Newcastle upon Tyne (33Kb)

Northumbria Branch supports these Objectives.  We plan to carry out activities, which are both social and charitable and also to recoqnise the significance of England's special days. Our social occasions are of fun and fellowship, designed to help raise funds in aid of the Royal Society of St George's charitable undertakings and in support of our own local community charities.

The Angel of the North (68Kb)