Founded on St George's Day, 23rd April 2008
All communications in the first instance through the Secretary please.
Hon. President Col. (retd) A K Johnson MBE, TD, Minst RE, DL  
Chairman Tony Nicholls (39Kb)
Hon. Chairman
Mr Tony Nicholls


Ken Anderson (22Kb)
Hon. Vice-Chairman Mr Ken Anderson  

Hon. Secretary

Mr Bill Holden

Email: Secretary
Tele: 01388 527 818

Hon. Treasurer & Membership Officer:
Mr Tony Worton
John Tootill (49Kb)
Hon. Events Secretary
Mr John Tootill
Hon. Branch Council Member:
Col. (retd) Jeremy G.W. Feggetter TD, OSt.J, FRCS, DL.
Hon. Webmaster/IT Officer & Newsletter Editor:
Mr Kevin Jobson
Email: Webmaster
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